Create your own writing process

Writing is hard. Finding a process that works the way you do is key to being able to refine your ideas, publish with confidence, and capture readers.

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Research in one place

Your computer becomes a portal into the infinite space of the canvas. Gather, organize, and process all types of media. Instead of searching through open tabs, jump around using gestures.

Configurability at the core

  • Nearly every feature is toggleable so you can turn off the things you don't want

  • Configure your own modes to easily switch between sets of enabled features

  • Download and create your own themes to make it feel just right

Edit like a professional

Highlighted hints help with:

  • Sentence length

  • Word choice

  • Reading level

More options will be added in the future. The goal is to automate as much of the writing process as possible so that you can focus on your message and style.

Not just documents

Polished is a space for your thoughts. Writing is only a part of it. Capture rich media like webpages, videos, and Twitter threads in a workspace. Link things together using tags.

This app is a work in progress. Ideas and feedback are very welcome. Contact us!

Polish your writing

Polished is coming soon. Submit your first name and email to get early access!